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»A miracle-cure for any bouts of annoyance and ill temper... A psychedelic ride through a staccato dance of film, music and picture quotes. Projectons consistently offer alternate spaces for theatre-action where 3D movie passages kidnap the party guests into Gerry's sensory delusions. Frog mutants are planning human experiments on Gerry - it’s a wild roller coaster ride.« - Die Deutsche Bühne on “Gras drüber" ("Raising Martha"), Oct. 2018

"The Festival for Ancient Music has dared an impressive experiment: "Dido and Aeneas", the oldest love story of English opera with the music by Henry Purcell, staged in a multimedial fashion by the Cologne director Valerij Lisac fusing music, singing, dance and video installation.” - Rheinische Post on operastaging  “Dido & Aeneas”, Sept. 2017

"Mythology in a modern guise" and "An entertaining contemporary opera evening" - O-Ton editorial on operastaging "Dido & Aeneas", Sept. 2017

"State-of-the-art and really spectacular!" - WDR local time on staged concert "Die Tageszeiten", Sept 2016

"Opulent projections by the video-designer Valerij Lisac... provide entertaining moments with a virtual wink." - magazine "musicals" on "Anna Göldi - The Musical", Oct. 2017

"... most impressive music by Valerij Lisac, that complements the piece perfectly." - O-Ton editorial on "HEIMAT 4.0", March 2018

"An outstanding evening, do not miss it... It works so well because Fürst and the musician and video designer Valerij Lisac created an evening as a long music-track with a steady beat." - KSTA on Jelinek's "Winterreise", Jan. 2015


Valerij Lisac creates theatrical, installative, performative and cinematic projects.
He also composes music for stage and film, works as musical director, video designer, documentary filmmaker and director.

He participated in a numerous projects with Carlus Padrissa and Valentina Carrasco (La Fura dels Baus), Sebastian Kreyer, Jörg Fürst, Agnieszka Blonska, Gesine Danckwart, Manos Tsangaris; for Trust Dance Theater - Seoul, Les Bancs Publics - Marseille, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra, A.Tonal Theater, Schauspiel Cologne, Theater Bonn, Theater im Bauturm, Theater a. d. Ruhr and many others...

His directorial debut - a multimedia staging of Schoenberg's music drama "Pierrot lunaire" for the Reykjavik Arts Festival 2014, was nominated for the Icelandic Music Award 2014 and the Nordic Council Music Prize 2015. Other music-theatrical directorial works such as Telemann's "Tageszeiten" and Purcell's opera "Dido & Aeneas” followed to a great acclaim.

Valerij Lisac is director, musician and visual artist of Croatian origin. He studied piano at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, graduating with honours in 2001 - Masters of Music/Piano (later on, he will complete his studies with a Masters of Education/Music degree in 2005).

His interest in the intersection between music and visual Arts led him to the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne, where he was guest-student in the following years. At the same time (2001-2003) he assisted Prof. Dr. Elena Ungeheuer (Contemporary Music and History) at the Academy of Music in Cologne and the Robert Schumann Music Academy in Düsseldorf.
He was also a music-didactic adviser and co-creator of the atomium multimedia - an online portal for school children of the Institute for Communication Research and Phonetics at the University of Bonn.

By 2003, Valerij Lisac is already working as a composer and video artist. First for theatre, modern dance and film, later also as an independent director of music theater and concert stagings.

In 2008, with La Fura dels Baus and Ensemble Musikfabrik, he created live visuals for the staging of Stockhausen's "MICHAELs REISe", whose performances became part of the Wiener Festwochen, the Festival D'Automne à Paris and the Biennale di Venezia.

In 2013 he was Artist-In-Residence of Mullae - Seoul Art Space, in (Seoul) South Korea and designed visuals for dance performances with the Trust Dance Theater (Seoul).

At the invitation of the Reykjavík Arts Festival 2014, Valerij Lisac staged a multimedia performance of the Schoenberg's music drama "Pierrot Lunaire" with the Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra and the soprano Hanna Dóra Sturludóttir. The directorial debut premiered in May 2014, was broadcast by the Icelandic Radio (RÚV) and subsequently nominated for the Icelandic Music Award 2014 in the category Performance of the Year / Classical Music and the Nordic Council Music Prize 2015.

In the following years he staged concerts (Telemann's “Tageszeiten” and “Le Cinesi”) and Purcell's Opera “Dido and Aeneas” utilising a distinct multimedial and performative concepts to a great acclaim.

In a long-standing partnership with the Ensemble Musikfabrik, Valerij Lisac is also taking care of ensembles online video-publications. This expertise in creating captivating online content informed greatly the subsequent experimental online-media works for A.Tonal.Theater and Creative Europe Programm founded projects with “Dancing on the Edge” Amsterdam and “Les Bancs Public” Marseilles.

Valerij Lisac is a member of the Cologne A.Tonal.Theater - a freelance theater group focused on experimental, multidisciplinary forms of theater between language, movement, music and media. He lives and works in Cologne.

I value the visceral, the fleeting and the enigmatic in the works of art. I search for the subjective and the abstract, the savage and the expressive, the open and multi-layered ... The performativity and intermediality, the temporal and spatial transcendence mean for me: to put music, movement, video, light and scene in an equal, joint float.

Video Gallery

Pierrot lunaire

Staging | Stage, Lights & Videodesign
Reykjavík Arts Festival 2014

Zur schönen Aussicht

Videodesign | Camera & Edit
Theatre Bonn, 2018


Music & Videodesign
Theater im Bauturm, 2014

Dido & Aeneas

Staging | Stage, Lights & Videodesign
Festival for Ancient Music Knechtsteden 2017

The Passage

Video Installation
Directing | Music, Camera & Edit
BYOB 2017



Étude Cinétique #3 in3D

3D Videoinstallation
3D Visuals | Camera & Edit
CYCLE Art & Music Festival 2016


Directing | Camera & Edit
for Erdmöbel, 2014

more videos:




Goethe/Fürst | Theatre: Music & Visuals | VolXbühne - Ensemble of Generations on Theatre on the Ruhr, Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, Premiere: May 2019

LA TRAVIATA - or: Doro, I can’t breathe anymore!

Kreyer | Theatre: Musicadaptation & Visuals | Theater im Bauturm, Premiere: April 2019 

Fürst & Ensemble | Theatre: Visuals & VideoBlog | Atonal.Theater Köln/Alte Feuerwache Köln, Premiere: January 2019

El Cuco Projekt/Franken/Barahona | Modern Dance: Music & Sounddesign | Tanzfaktur/Schaubude Berlin, Premiere: November/December 2018

TRUDE HERR - oder: Es ist besser, in der Sahara zu verdursten, als in Köln-Lindenthal zu sitzen und auf die Rente zu warten. 
Kreyer & Ensemble | Theatre: Music & Visuals | Theater im Bauturm, Premiere: September 2017
Nominated for Cologne Dance and Theatre Award 2017

Coming up

LOVESONGS - Ein Liedprojekt 
Songs by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, u.a. | Concert: Visuals | Festival Alte Musik Knechtsteden, Premiere: September 2019

El Cuco Projekt/Franken/Barahona | Modern Dance: Music & Sounddesign | Barnes Crossing/Schaubude Berlin, Premiere: November 2019

Gogol/Kreyer | Theatre: Music & Visuals | Stadttheater Ingolstadt, Premiere: December 2019


GRAS DRÜBER (Raising Martha)
Spicer/Kreyer | Theatre: Music & 3D Visuals | Stadttheater Ingolstadt, Premiere: October 2018

Fürst & Ensemble | Theatre: Live-Music & Visuals | Theater a. d. Ruhr/VolXbühne (Mülheim)/Alte Feuerwache Köln, Premiere: January 2018  


Horváth/Kreyer | Theatre: Musical direction & Visuals | Theater Bonn, Premiere: April 2018 

Houellebecq/Fürst | Theatre: Music, Visuals & VideoBlog | Atonal.Theater Köln/VolXbühne, Theater a.d. Ruhr/alte Feuerwache Köln, Premiere: Februar 2017

Purcell/Lisac | Staging: Stagedesign, Light & Visuals | Festival für Alte Musik Knechtsteden, Premiere: September 2017

ANNA GÖLDI - Das Musical 
Vogelsang/Schneider | Musical: Visuals | Stageworks/Schaffhausen, Premiere: September 2017

Bernhardt/Kreyer | Theatre: Music & Musical direction | Theater Bonn, Premiere: Februar 2017

Telemann/Sounders/Lisac | Concertstaging: Light & Visuals | Festival Alte Musik Knechtsteden, Premiere: September 2016 

L - do I need Labels to Love

Lamproulis & Un-Label Ensemble | Dance: Visuals | Sommerblut Festival Köln 2016/Greek National Opera Athens, Premiere: Mai 2016

Carroll/Sparte 4 Ensemble | Theatre: Music & Musical direction | Theater Bonn, Premiere: March 2016

Osbourne/Kreyer | Theatre: Music & Musical direction | Theater Bonn, Premiere: December 2015

Fürst & Ensemble | Theatre: Music, Visuals & VideoBlog | Theater a. d. Ruhr/VolXbühne (Mülheim)/Alte Feuerwache Köln, Premiere: December 2015

Jelinek/Fürst | Theatre: Music & Visuals | A.Tonal Theater, Premiere: January 2015
Nominated for Kurt-Hackenberg Award and Cologne Dance and Theatre Award 2015

Schoenberg/Lisac | Inszenierung: Bühne, Licht & Visuals | Reykjavík Arts Festival, Premiere: Juni 2014
Nominated for The Icelandic Music Award 2014 - Performance of the Year / Classical Music and the Nordic Council Music Prize 2015

Blonska & Ensemble | Theatre: Sounddesign & Visuals | Sommerblut Köln/Brusseles/Lisbon/Warsaw, Premiere: May 2014

Büchner/Fürst | Theatre: Videoinstallation | Theater im Bauturm, Premiere: September 2014

Kleist/Fürst, | Theatre: Music & Visuals | Comedia Köln, 2013

timeGAPS reloaded
Pászthy & Ensemble | Modern Dance: Visuals |Seoul_Art_Space_Mullae, 2013

Pászthy & Ensemble | Modern Dance: Music | Orangerie Köln, 2012

Fürst | Theatre: Visuals | Cabaret-Theatre Klüngelpütz, 2012

Kelmann/Fürst | Theatre: Live-Music und Visuals | Studiobühne Köln, 2012

SINGEN MIT KLASSE! Malheur in der Geisterwelt
Kaufmann/Gürzenich- Orchester | Documantary Film: Direction, Camera & Edit | Kölner Philharmonie/KölnMusik, 2012

Pászthy & Ensemble | Modern Dance: Music | Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, 2012

Fritsch/Fürst | Theatre: Visuals | Studiobühne Köln, 2011

Goethe/Fürst | Theatre: Music & Visuals | Theater im Bauturm, 2011
Cologne Dance and Theatre Award 2011

Hollerbach/Eicker | Documentary Film: Music | RealFiction 2011

ALL INCLUSIVE - Eine Tourismus-Trilogie
Fürst & Ensemble | Theatre: Music & Visuals, | Comedia Köln, 2010

Hollerbach | Documentary Film: Music | Diakonie Düsseldorf 2010

BASQUIAT:RE-MIX09 - Eine Recherchemaschine
Warhol/Fürst | Theatre: Visuals | GLOMALIZE:COLOGNE Festival, 2009

Soundinstallation | ARTwalk...cologne 2009, GLOBALIE:COLOGNE 2011

Stockhausen/Padrissa (La Fura Dels Baus) | Theatre: Live Video | Wiener Festwochen, Festival D'Automne à Paris, Biennale di Venezia, 2008

Hollerbach | Documentary Film: Music | Diakonie Düsseldorf 2008

Tsangaris | Theatre: Live-Video | Schauspielhaus Köln, 2007

Hollerbach | Documentary Film: Music | KHM, 2006
Nominiated for the FIRST STEPS Award 2006

Zambra & Ensemble |  Theatre: Music | Casamax Theater, 2006

Weiland & Ensemble | Theatre: Music | Casamax Theater, 2005
Cologne Children and Youth Theatre Award 2005

Weiland & Ensemble | Theatre: Music | Casamax Theater, 2004
Nominated for the Cologne Children and Youth Theatre Award  2004 





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